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March 2011

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Videos of A Young Japanese Nurse Gangbang

Asian Nurse Gangbang
Watch This Young Nurse Get Gangbanged On A Hospital Bed

Aino Kishi is a cute little teen who also training to be a nurse at the local hospital. All the doctors in this small town clinic were blown away when they first laid their eyes on Aino’s perky tits and a tight ass. It wasn’t long before she became well liked among a the male staff members. Now these horny Doctors are building up the balls to start flirting with her and seeing how far they can push the limit.  Even though this young Japanese nurse looks like an innocent teenager she’s actually developed the personality of a dirty little cum slut. She confess to the group of doctors that she’s always wanted to try a gangbang.  The doctors are a little reluctant at first, but Aino Kishi’s eagerness to suck cock soon settles the matter. This horny Asian nurse is about to experience what it’s like to be fucked by multiple men at the same time. The group of  perverted doctors pull out their cocks and start plunging into her dripping wet orifices.  They all think they’re taking advantage of this cute Asian teen, but she’s really the one taking advantage of them. After all she was the sexual predator that lured all these men into having group sex with her. She got what exactly what she wanted, a hardcore nurse gangbang delivered by her favorite selection of hunky doctors. This is the first of many sexual encounters Aino Kishi has while working as a night nurse in Tokyo. Despite her young appearance she’s gained a lot experience by acting on her perverted temptations. She’s always looking for a stiff cock to satisfy her hairy pussy and getting a cum shot on her face is like icing on the cake.

Cute Japanese Nurse Cum Facial

Cute Japanese Nurse
Watch This Cute Japanese Nurse Receive A Sloppy Cum Facial

Everyone knows Akane Hotaru as being the cute Japanese nurse with tightest little pussy that’s always ready for cock. Her beautiful Japanese face is almost artistic in it’s beauty, so it’s pleasurable experience watching her deep throating cock and taking big cum facials. Not only do we get to see Akane sucking it like pro, but we also get watch her ride that dick like a champion. She isn’t just a sexy looking nurse she’s a dirty Japanese slut with uncontrollable urges to have sex. Who wouldn’t like to see this babe showing up in pink pink nurse uniform and showing off her stockings and panties. Akane Hotaru isn’t afraid to give her sickly patients a little sexual healing either. It doesn’t matter where in this hospital you find a guy with a stiff cock, this horny nurse is usually already there. She’s drawn closer and closer to their throbbing erections almost as if it was a magnetic attraction for her. In these racy sex videos from JP Nurse you’ll get to witness all the hardcore action in true POV style. It will feel like your in the doctors shoes when he lifts up her skirt and inserts himself inside of her tight little pussy. You can go ahead and jerk your meat while you pretend your the one that gets to fuck her doggy style. I did the same think so I’ll keep this a secret just between us.

Cute Japanese Nurses Swapping Cum

Cute Japanese Nurses
Watch This Video Of Cute Japanese Nurses Spit Swapping Warm Cum

If you recall we featured this group of cute Japanese girls in one of our earlier blog  posts. Please give a warm welcome back to Maki Houjo, Kokomi Naruse, Rui Santome, and Erii Akira. This group of hot nurses prowl the hospital like a pack of sexual predators. Their prey soon discovers that these horny hell cats aren’t blood hungry, instead their cum thirsty. Acting more like sex kittens these girls enjoy sneaking up on patients and giving them a gang blowjob they’ll never forget. I could be dying from cancer but I’d feel a hundred times better with my cock being licked and sucked on by four beautiful faces. Who ever these girls target should know that these cute nurses mean no physical harm, they’re simply in the mood for eating fresh cum. I know your going to enjoy watching these four kinky sluts suck a mans cock and get a warm cum facial for their efforts. Anyone who’s made it this far now gets treated with a special reward, they get watch these beautiful Japanese girls playfully take turns swapping cum with one another. They all want to enjoy the taste of a mans salty load as long as they can. Once they’ve all been satisfied swishing the delicious cum in their mouths they divide it up against one another and swallow every drop. These cute Japanese nurses always know how to have an exciting time when they need to spice up a boring shift. Giving patients surprise blowbangs and eating warm cum has become their favorite way to kill time around their slow hospital. You don’t want to miss a moment of the sloppy cum swapping action featured in these nurse blowjob videos.

Hot Japanese Nurses Swallowing Cum

Hot Japanese Nurses
See These Hot Japanese Nurses From Tokyo Swallowing Cum Here

Maki Houjo, Kokomi Naruse, Rui Santome, and Erii Akira are four hot Japanese nurses. The sexiest I’ve ever seen star in a cosplay porn. Who here wouldn’t want to meet up with a group of hot Japanese girls that enjoy the taste of cum? These four Asian tramps have been know to group up on unsuspecting patients and surprise them with incredible blowbangs. All four have also become well know by the staff for giving head to almost every doctors in the hospital! You’re probably wondering to yourself “why do these pretty girls suck so much dick, what could the possible get out of it?” The answer is both simplistic and perverse. These horny Japanese nurses are all addicted to the taste of a mans semen. Nothing excited them more than when thick cum loads are being shot into their mouths. They have often group up together and blowbang guys just so they can spit swap cum with one another. These hot nurses have mastered the art of giving head and every guy that’s been lucky enough to be sucked off by them shears they’re blowjob angels sent straight from Heaven. You really can’t argue with a girl who’s begging you to shoot a hot load in her mouth, can you? I’d like to thank JP Nurse for giving us the opportunity to watch these sexy JAV Idols today. Seeing these hot Japanese nurses give a blowjob and then playfully swapping mouthfuls of cum with each other was simple amazing!

Orgy With Cute Japanese Nurses

Cute Japanese Nurses
Twenty Cute Japanese Nurses Have An Orgy In The Hospital

This wild gang of cute Japanese nurses has been known to have lots of fun with their lucky patients! This cosplay sex video has so many girls starring in it that they’re left fighting over a chance to ride one guys cock. This scene pretty much plays out like a vision from one of my kinkiest dreams. Honestly, who wouldn’t want a group of sexy girls in pink nurse uniforms sucking on their cock? While 2 or 3 them are sucking you off the rest will be taking turns sitting on you face! You’ll never hear any patient complain about when this gang of naughty nurses has an orgy with them. When there are too many girls and not enough dick to go arounf, the unfortunate woman are left watching from the sidelines. When they can’t get themselves close enough to the action they’ll start using dildos on each other instead. Imagine being able to watch some hot lesbian action while your dicks getting wet with pussy juice. Doesn’t the sound like the best experience ever?  This orgy isn’t going to be over until these horny nurses line up and wait for their patient to cum across all their faces.  The only bad thing I can say about these videos is that they’re censored. Those damn Japanese bastards! Why can’t they let us see that sweaty dick meat sliding up a girls stinky pussy lips? Regardless of the pixelated cock and snatch all the girls have beautiful faces and keep their bodies nice and tone. I still think it’s a sexy video and it’s also fun watching these horny girls impatiently waiting for their for a turn to ride cock! How could you still feel sick when a gang of cute Japanese nurses is in constant competition to have your dick inside of their hairy little pussies?

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