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November 2010

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See This Hot Japanese Nurse Gets Fucked

Hot Japanese Nurse
Watch Videos Of This Hot Japanese Nurse Getting Fucked

It’s no secret that Ryo Hazuki has a reputation for being the hot Japanese nurse that all the doctors in this hospital love to fuck. She’s the perfect sexual play thing and a great asset to have on the job. She absolutely loves sex and especially enjoys it when horny doctors finger and fuck her in all kinds of positions. She knows that doctors comes under lots of stress while working in busy hospitals. In order to maintain control these doctors are always looking for a quick ways to release stress. Some of them just get their kicks from fingering Ryo’s hot Japanese nurse pussy. Other doctors might want to fuck her tits or to get a blowjob from her. The  real men out there just whip out their dicks and try to ruin her tight little pussy without even saying hello. They just fuck her right on the closest hospital bed available and fill her tiny gash with hot spunk. There is no guy that has ever been turned down by Ryo Hazuki, so all you need to do is work up the nerve to ask her for a little dirty sex in the workplace. I’m not sure if the rumors are true, does this hot Japanese nurse like to lick ass while she’s sucking cock? It sounds too good to be true, but I hope that she really does eat ass every once in awhile. Nothing can give a doctor a bigger thrill then when he receives a rimjob just before going into surgery. If you’ve been looking for a hot Japanese nurse to take care of you, look no further then Ryo Hazuki. Watch these dirty nurse sex videos and you’ll see the only resume she needs to turn in order to hired as my caretaker.

Examining Cute Japanese Nurse Pussy

Cute Japanese Nurse
See A Cute Japanese Nurse Get A Pussy Examination Here

You might remember Emiri Aoi as a cute Japanese nurse we’ve featured a few posts back. In that update we watched as she enjoyed having a little sex in the hospital. Today however, we’re going to follow her on a brand new adventure in the workplace. Emiri has shown up to work wearing sexy pink lingerie underneath her white nurses uniform. Why Pink? It just so happens that Pink is the favorite color of hospital gynecologist Dr. Hiro. The nurse is a very sexually open girl and she likes to get weekly checkup’s from Dr. Hiro. The doctor is well aware that this cute Japanese nurse has been having fun with some of her patients. She’s a little too dirty for his tastes, so he’s not interested in having sex with her all. He does enjoy acting out his favorite fantasies with her though. He’s always daydreamed about giving perverted gynecological exams to all the hot young girls that visit him. Instead of this nurse masturbating at work, she can lets the horny doctor act out his creepy fantasies on her. Emiri Aoi quickly strips out of her white nurses uniform and down the her sexy pink lingerie. She jumps onto of a hospital bed then allows Dr. Hiro to start groping her body anyway that he wants. The doctor takes his sweet time with her, making sure he caresses every in of this gorgeous nurse’s body. Now it’s time to exam her dirty little pussy. the doctor is licking her nipples as he pulls her little pink panties to the side. The nurse gets goosebumps when he exposes her moist pussy lips to the fresh air. Now in what can only be described as a completely unprofessional gynecology exam, Dr. Hiro finger fucks his patients vagina until it turns into a wet sloppy mess! You wont believe what you’ll see in these naughty Japanese nurse movies from Tokyo. Emiri Aoi will never have to masturbate at work again, she can just visit Dr. Hiro and get one of his famous gynecology exams!

Hot Japanese Nurse Bukkake Videos

Japanese Nurse Bukkake
Watch Uncensored Japanese Nurse Bukkake Videos Here

Yuki Mana is definitely one hot Japanese nurse! It’s not really surprising that most of the patients in her care have fallen in love with her. She loves them too, and all during her shift this naughty nurse sneaks into their rooms. She’ll often let them finger her wet pussy or they’ll get an awesome blowjob from her. Today she has something very special in mind for the sick people she’s been taking care of. the nurse rounds up all her able body patients into one room. She silently strips naked in front of them and then drops down to her knees. The she say’s the sexiest thing ever, “I’m going to give you all blowjobs and I want everyone to cum on my face.” The horny patients are shock by this line, but several of them take her up on the offer. She actually starts sucking on their dicks! Now everybody wants to join in on this freaky action. She’s happily giving out blowjobs and all that she wants n return is a sloppy Japanese nurse bukkake facial! She sucks and blows with enthusiasm. Her anticipation for the sloppy cum bath she’s about to receive eats away at her. None of her patients knew that Yuki Mana loved getting hot cum sprayed all over her beautiful face so much. They’ve all gathered around her to participate in this lewd act of Japanese nurse bukkake in the workplace. How could something this gross happen in a real hospital?  This cum addicted nurse gets exactly what she’s been craving , every patient blows huge loads across her face. Now she’s nothing but a cum soaked mess left writing around on the floor in a puddle of cold jizz. Now that’s the kind of action I’ve been looking for in the nurse cosplay bukkake scenes I watch!

Uncensored Japanese Nurse Sex Videos

Nurse Sex Videos
These Are Some Naughty Japanese Nurse Sex Videos

Emiri Aoi is a hot Japanese nurse that’s been having a lot of sex at work lately! She has a bad habit of teasing her hairy little pussy with her fingers all day long. Nurse Emiri has also made friends with a couple well hung men she’s met working in this hospital. You guys are in for a treat if you watch these naughty nurse sex videos from Japan. It has always been a fantasy of mine to meet a hot Japanese nurse that loves being fucked by her patients. I’d get to slide my big dick deep inside of her dripping wet pussy. The nurse would start to scream out loud as she climaxed from feeling my deep penetration. It was great for me when I saw Emiri Aoi act out this fantasy of mine. This hot Japanese nurse in a white uniform is fantastic at sucking cock! It’s probably hard not blowing a load in her mouth before getting a chance to fuck her dripping wet pussy. Watching these uncensored Japanese nurse sex videos will undoubtedly make you a huge fan of Emiri Aoi. We will also be featuring more of this gorgeous JAV Idol on our blog soon. She has been well known for playing the naughty night nurse role in Japanese porn videos. I hope you’ve enjoyed these uncensored videos from Please check back soon there are more nurse porn updates on the way!

Uncensored Japanese Nurse Porn Videos

Japanese Nurse Porn
Don’t Miss This Japanese Nurse Porn From Tokyo

Welcome to and thank you for reading our very first post! We’re going to start things off with JAV Idol Rina Yuuki. This Young Japanese nurse secretly loves fucking all of her patients every chance that she gets! Don’t take my word for it, just watch these uncensored Japanese nurse porn videos for yourself! Soon you’ll see that this young  Japanese nurse isn’t afraid to show off her perky tits at work. She’s also not shy when she needs to tell someone her pussy is getting wet and she really needs some cock. This naughty nurse is also better at sucking dick then you probably think she would be. If you find yourself getting you cock sucked by her, give her hairy Japanese pussy a couple licks in return. Rina Yuuki is one of the horniest nurses I’ve ever seen working in a real hospital.I guess nobody could tell she was this sex crazed when she turned in her application. See this kink young girl eat cum after getting a facial in these Japanese nurse porn videos!

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