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February 2011

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Hot Japanese Nurse Blowjob Videos

Hot Japanese Nurse
This Busty Japanese Nurse Gives One Of The Best Blowjobs Here

Riko Tachibana definitely lives up to my ideal image of how a hot Japanese nurse should act while on the job. This kinky tramp is always bending over to pick up things she’s “accidentally” drop. She’s no fool, she’s targeting all the cute doctors, allowing them to look at her sexy fishnet pantyhose before she skillfully gives them a flash of her clean white panties. This is her nonchalant way of flirting and gives them the single that she’s hungry for some hot cum. Receiving head from a mega babe like Riko Tachibana makes going to work worth it, no matter how shitty your job may be. Today she’s prowling the hospital halls and is very eager to show off the matching white lingerie set she’s wearing. She finally baits one of the young doctors in and he agree’s to meet up with her in an empty exam room. Riko loves getting her time to dance around in little white lingerie and rewards the horny with a couple flashes of her bouncy breasts and hairy pussy. Now this naughty nurse starts to give this lucky guy one the best blowjobs ever. Right before this guy is about to cum she stops sucking and slaps his dick off of her huge titties and then goes back into a blowjob! Watch these cosplay porn videos and see how long it takes until this doctor blows his load in Riko Tachibana’s mouth. This hot Japanese nurse has shown how much she loves sucking cock and spitting up cum all over her tits was a nice addition. This dirty doctor has just found a blowjob call girl, and the best part about it is they work together. He’s going to enjoy many more sessions of great head from this beautiful nurse.

Fucking A Beautiful Young Japanese Nurse

Japanese Teen Nurse
Watch Harcore Videos Of A Young Japanese Teen In Nurse Cosplay

Rina Yuuki is the beautiful Japanese teen that will be fulfilling our dirty nurse cosplay fantasies today. Who could resist the urge to dress up a tender young girl into such a sexually attractive uniform? I’m sure the man starring in these porn videos loved this opportunity to pretend that he’s the  horny doctor that fucks beautiful nurses.  Then again no matter what scenario little Rina may be acting out, I’m sure this guy would still enjoy any chance he got to fuck that tiny wet pussy. But regardless of his personal preferences both porn actors thoroughly enjoyed the context of this scene. The end results of such harmony are these amazing nurse sex videos that are sure to satisfy all of it’s viewers. Her nice perky tits were enough to get a rise out of  my cock and when she finally reveals her tiny hairy pussy, I literally came in my underwear a little bit. In reality a young Japanese nurse in her teens just wouldn’t exist, a girl that inexperienced would never get the position. Luckily for us porn lets us live out alternate realities and we can fill our fantasy world with as many teen nurses we want! The imagination is a wonderful thing. Just close your eyes while masturbating and imagine Rina Yuuki is riding on your cock. Pretty soon your mind begins to paint the picture and your fantasy seems like reality. You’ll begin to feels like your really inside her hairy pussy and your making her dripping wet. Get yourself in to a steady rhythm and you’ll be enjoy hyper realistic nurse sex like you’ve never experienced before.

Doctors Enjoy Having Japanese Nurse Sex

Japanese Nurse Sex
Watch As Naughty Nurse Yui Hanasaku Has Kinky Sex At Work

It’s not everyday that Yui Hanasaku comes in to work with pink lingerie on underneath her nurses uniform. She only wears her all pink outfit when she’s feeling sexy and looking for hunk of man meat. All the doctors ans even a few ambulance drivers at the hospital know when Yui’s wearing pink somebody is guaranteed to get lucky with her.  She’s a nympho at heart and despite trying to be a professional she just cant keep herself from enjoying a little naught Japanese nurse sex at work every once in a while. The doctors and staff neglect their duties so they can prowl the halls hoping to cross paths with this horny nurse. They follow her around all night flirting with her from afar and throwing a couple pickup lines her way. Nobody knows what standards she looks for in a man but she’ll eventually pick out one lucky pervert from the flock. This hot Japanese nurse leads her lucky selection to a small backroom office and always begins by sucking their cock. Now he can confirm all the staff  rumors about whether or not she’s really the blowjob expert the night staff claims her to be.  Before you can cum she stops sucking and demands you give her a little oral enjoyment. Getting to lick her delicious pussy doesn’t feel like a chore at all, and nobodies ever complained about having to do it. Even if you don’t like eating hairy pussy it’s still a small price to pay knowing you’ll soon be rewarded with hottest Japanese nurse sex anyone has ever had while on the job. Don’t you dare skip over this cosplay porn starring Yui Hanasaku, I’ll consider you fool and hold it against you until the day I die.

Cute Japanese Nurses Swapping Cum

Cute Japanese Nurses
Watch This Video Of Cute Japanese Nurses Spit Swapping Warm Cum

If you recall we featured this group of cute Japanese girls in one of our earlier blog  posts. Please give a warm welcome back to Maki Houjo, Kokomi Naruse, Rui Santome, and Erii Akira. This group of hot nurses prowl the hospital like a pack of sexual predators. Their prey soon discovers that these horny hell cats aren’t blood hungry, instead their cum thirsty. Acting more like sex kittens these girls enjoy sneaking up on patients and giving them a gang blowjob they’ll never forget. I could be dying from cancer but I’d feel a hundred times better with my cock being licked and sucked on by four beautiful faces. Who ever these girls target should know that these cute nurses mean no physical harm, they’re simply in the mood for eating fresh cum. I know your going to enjoy watching these four kinky sluts suck a mans cock and get a warm cum facial for their efforts. Anyone who’s made it this far now gets treated with a special reward, they get watch these beautiful Japanese girls playfully take turns swapping cum with one another. They all want to enjoy the taste of a mans salty load as long as they can. Once they’ve all been satisfied swishing the delicious cum in their mouths they divide it up against one another and swallow every drop. These cute Japanese nurses always know how to have an exciting time when they need to spice up a boring shift. Giving patients surprise blowbangs and eating warm cum has become their favorite way to kill time around their slow hospital. You don’t want to miss a moment of the sloppy cum swapping action featured in these nurse blowjob videos.

Cosplay Sex With A Young Japanese Nurse

Young Japanese Nurse
This Young Japanese Teen Gets Fucked In A Nurse Cosplay Uniform

Ai Himeno is a cute Japanese teen that happens to have several kinky cosplay fantasies. She’s been dying to try them out and today she finally gets to wear a white nurse uniform while being fucked in this porn scene. She pretends that she’s working the night shift at a big city hospital and gets into a sexual escapades with one of her horny patients. This naughty teen in cosplay does a lot of kissing and likes to lick mans body as foreplay. She continues to act out like a young Japanese nurse who’s craving sex at work. She peels off her soaking wet panties and pussy juice drips on the floor. She begs for dick and wants to feel it throb inside of her little hairy cunt. She lays back in a hospital bed and enjoys the pleasure as her sickly patient fucks her missionary style until he blows a load inside of her. Ai Himeno was the perfect teenage girl to cast as a Tokyo night nurse and its so rewarding to see her receive a pussy creampie in these hot cosplay sex videos.

Sexy Japanese Nurse Masturbating

Japanese Nurse Masturbating
Watch This Naughty Night Nurse Masturbate With Sex Toys

Miku Hoshino is a popular JAV Idol and this isn’t the first time she’s played the role of a sexy night nurse. In this scene she’s the new girl on the hospital floor and the doctors haven’t really taken notice of her yet. She’s what I’d call a “shy nymphomaniac” and she finds it a little disappointing that nobodies tried to slip her some dick yet. She’s well aware of all the other dirty sex acts that have been taking place in this hospital. For not she’s still a social outcast among the staff and needs to keep waiting until someone invites her into the kinky sex club. When a girls is this shy and afraid to initiate sex with men she needs to take things into her own hands. We soon discover in these masturbation videos that Miku Hoshino has secretly been bringing sex toys in to work to relieve her sexual tension. When she finds herself all alone on a long break she always sneaks off to find an empty room. Once she’s found her privacy she starts to rub her favorite pink vibrator all over her hairy Japanese pussy. Miku knows how to get the poison out of her system and she soon reaches a sexual climax. She begins to scream and her beautiful body quiver as a stream of  juice leaks out of her pussy. This pretty naughty nurse is still trying to fit in at the hospital, but I’m sure she’ll some horny doctor will try fucking her soon. Nobody with ever catch this cute Japanese nurse masturbating once she’s getting fucked just like all the other girls on night shift.

Hot Japanese Nurses Swallowing Cum

Hot Japanese Nurses
See These Hot Japanese Nurses From Tokyo Swallowing Cum Here

Maki Houjo, Kokomi Naruse, Rui Santome, and Erii Akira are four hot Japanese nurses. The sexiest I’ve ever seen star in a cosplay porn. Who here wouldn’t want to meet up with a group of hot Japanese girls that enjoy the taste of cum? These four Asian tramps have been know to group up on unsuspecting patients and surprise them with incredible blowbangs. All four have also become well know by the staff for giving head to almost every doctors in the hospital! You’re probably wondering to yourself “why do these pretty girls suck so much dick, what could the possible get out of it?” The answer is both simplistic and perverse. These horny Japanese nurses are all addicted to the taste of a mans semen. Nothing excited them more than when thick cum loads are being shot into their mouths. They have often group up together and blowbang guys just so they can spit swap cum with one another. These hot nurses have mastered the art of giving head and every guy that’s been lucky enough to be sucked off by them shears they’re blowjob angels sent straight from Heaven. You really can’t argue with a girl who’s begging you to shoot a hot load in her mouth, can you? I’d like to thank JP Nurse for giving us the opportunity to watch these sexy JAV Idols today. Seeing these hot Japanese nurses give a blowjob and then playfully swapping mouthfuls of cum with each other was simple amazing!

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