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November 2010

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Patient Plays With Japanese Nurse Pussy

Japanese Nurse Pussy
See This Japanese Nurse Pussy Get Wet From Sex Toys

You’re in for a treat if you watch these cosplay porn videos staring Aki Yatoh. This sexy JAV Idol actually looks cute and innocent when she puts on her pink nurse uniform. It fits her slender body perfectly and even comes with matching pink lingerie. Today Aki has gotten so horny while at work that she can’t keep focused on her tasks. She needs to keep a clear and level head because otherwise lives could be lost if she makes a critical error. This naughty nurse decides that the best thing to do is to find an empty room and masturbate quickly. Being resourceful she always brings a vibrating sex toy with her, no matter where she goes. It’s her secret weapon when she needs to have quick and discreet orgasms on the go. She beings to get lost in the mood and starts to moan and sigh out loud. The masturbating nurse is totally unaware that a patient in the next room can hear the noise. Wonder what the commotion is all about the patient peaks through a crack in the door and sees Aki Yatoh tickling her wet Japanese nurse pussy with a vibrating sex toy. He enters the room and coughs out loud in order to get the masturbating nurses attention. Startled at first the naughty nurse quickly regains her composure. Swing her legs wide open she shows her tight wet pussy to the curious patient. She asks him if he’d like to help her orgasm and hands him a remote control. She places a sex toy on her pussy lips and tells the patient to use the remote to vibrate her sensitive clitoris. In a few short moments this Cute Japanese nurse starts losing herself in waves of sexual pleasure. Her skinny body quivers and her toes begin to curl. The patient keeps manipulating the controller and increases the speed of the vibrating toy.  Aki Yatoh’s swollen wet pussy is about to reach its limit and climax. Watch these Japanese nurse cosplay videos if you want to find out what happens next!

Sperm Bank Japanese Nurse Creampie Videos

Japanese Nurse Creampie
Watch Young Japanese Nurse Creampie Videos Here

Have you guys become familiar with Rika Nagasawa’s gorgeous face yet? This sexy JAV Idol has been seen on our blog a couple of times, always playing the role of a young Japanese nurse of course. One of her favorite roles to play when filming porn videos is that of a naughty nurse who works at a sperm bank. She gets so carried away when she pretends to collect sperm samples from the horny donors. If you Watch these kinky Japanese nurse creampie videos you’ll see just how we Rika Nagasawa can act out this role. We see her as she works the front desk at a sperm bank in Tokyo. A new donor needs a little extra help when it came to depositing his creamy sample. He says he’s been watching porno and jerking off into the cup for 20 minutes but he still hasn’t cum. This young Japanese nurse tells him not to worry about and that she know exactly how to take care of this problem. To the donors surprise the nurses solution was to suck his cock from the 69 position. The donor simply couldn’t resit to give her delicious pussy a lick while she was going down on him. After a few steamy minutes of head, Rika Nagasawa takes off her nurses uniform and slowly spread her legs for the horny man. She surprises him once again when she asks if it would be easier for him to cum inside of her pussy. Without a moment of hesitation the stiff sperm bank donor rams his throbbing cock into the young girls warm wet pussy. Rika proves without a doubt that collecting sperm samples is a job that she takes a lot of pride in. Pretty soon the lucking donor starts blowing his entire deposit inside of her hairy snatch. Not to worry though, she has a plan and quickly grabs a jar from of a desk. She uses it to catch the cum as it drips from her pussy! You really should stop reading my post and just watch this hot Japanese nurses creampie movie, seriously!

Young Japanese Nurse POV Cock Tease

Nurse POV
Watch These Japanese Nurse POV Blowjob Videos Here

Yes, Aki Yatoh is the young Japanese nurse all the patients in the hospital are talking about. Rumor is she’s known to be a kinky little cock tease with the patients she finds cute. They say she likes to play mind games with them will frequently jerk and nibble on their cocks for hours. Now you get to simulate this experience yourself. You’ll feel like your a part of the action when you start watch these naughty nurse POV videos. Just try to imagine that she comes into your hospital room and shes looking so damn sexy in her white nurse uniform. Aki Yatoh then starts to give your aching body a relaxing massage. She not only uses her nimble hands, she uses her tongue as well, licking you all over. She absolutely loves to tease men until they’re just about to blow a load. The anticipation of what she could planning for you as she plays with your cock is unbearable! Now she elevates the sexual tension as she lifts up her skirt and start shaking her firm little ass in your face. Your cock is burning hot and throbbing hard, she’s tugging on her pink panties and giving you little peeks of her tight pussy. Now it’s time for this young Japanese nurse to finally finish you off . She’s going to give you the sexual healing you’ve been looking for. I bet your going to fall in love with Aki Yatoh as she tickles and massages cock in these young nurse POV videos. No matter how much she may tease your cock she’ll always finish you off with a handjob or blowjob in the end. It’s kind of a sadistic thing to do the her patients when she’ suppose to be taking care of them. I guess as long as she makes everybody cum they’ll continue to forgive her for being a cock tease.

Cute Japanese Nurse Giving A Blowjob

Cute Japanese Nurse
Don’t Miss This Cute Japanese Nurse Giving A Blowjob

It looks like Rika Nagasawa is back again! And today this kinky JAV Idol puts on a white nurses uniform and heads down to the Tokyo sperm bank. All the guys love coming into this clinic to donate their sperm. That’s because a cute Japanese nurse works there and she collects their semen samples in her mouth! That’s right fella’s, those squiggly microscopic specimens take a quick swim in this cute girls mouth before she spits them up into a cup. Those poor little sperm are then quickly put into a cryo chamber a frozen soild. But lets not waste time worring about our sperm. Lets focus on nurse Rika Nagasawa’s awesome blow job skills instead. You’ll notice that she likes to kiss and nibble on a guys dicks before giving him bouncy head. She never in a rush, but she’s very energetic when it comes to sucking dick. Every man that’s felt her soft lips on their penis have enjoyed an out of this world nurse blowjob experience. They’ve all felt what can only be describe as “the ultimate pleasure” inside of her cute mouth. You’ve got to admit, it’s a great way of collecting the largest sperm samples possible from the clinics donors. When she is finished sucking cock she spits up all the cum from her mouth and into a glass beaker. If you ever have a tough time jerking of, you should think of the cute Japanese nurse from these blowjob videos. Rika Nagasawa is everyone’s favorite nurse a the clinic and it’s no wonder why. All of the sperm donors appreciate that she offers them a helping hand and mouth whenever they’re having trouble cumming. Since she’s so nice, the sperm bank has had a high ratio of return donors lately. Everyone looks forward to getting their biweekly blowjob from the beautiful Rika Nagasawa. Not only is she cute Japanese nurse, she’s also excellent at her job!

See Hot Japanese Nurse Gangbang Sex

Japanese Nurse Gangbang
Don’t Miss This Hot Japanese Nurse Gangbang Movie

Rika Nagasawa and Mao Sakurai are a pair of hot Japanese nurses who enjoy giving their patients orgasmic pleasure. They’re both known to suck some awesome dick and love to feel them enter their warm little pussies. Now we get to watch in on this hardcore action in these uncensored Japanese nurse gangbang videos! These two naughty nurses often find themselves getting in friendly blowjob competition while at work. They’ll run all over the hospital and see who can blow the most patients in one hours time. You can ask anyone in the building and I think that they’ll agree, Rika Nagasawa and Mao Sakurai are the two best fucks in the entire hospital, hands down! Today they’re not in competition, they’re going to team up with one another. They’ll both be working together during this Japanese nurse gangbang party that they’re throwing for the terminal cancer patients. Yeah, It sucks that they’re going to die horrible deaths, but at least these naughty nurses will make sure that they all get lots of pussy before they die. These two hot Japanese nurses start to suck and fuck anyone who dares point a penis in their general direction. The horny patients are all eager to fuck these two sexy girls like a pack of wild animals. Now there are dicks in their pussies and mouths and Rika Nagasawa and Mao Sakura are loving every minute of it. The both of them fucked in many different positions during this gangbang, but they seem to enjoy doggy style the most.  They’re never going to stop fucking and trying to get the patients to fill their bodies with sloppy pussy creampies. These two girls really put forth a valiant effort in these uncensored nurse sex videos. If your a wise man you’ll bookmark us and check back often for future Japanese nurse gangbang updates.

See This Hot Japanese Nurse Gets Fucked

Hot Japanese Nurse
Watch Videos Of This Hot Japanese Nurse Getting Fucked

It’s no secret that Ryo Hazuki has a reputation for being the hot Japanese nurse that all the doctors in this hospital love to fuck. She’s the perfect sexual play thing and a great asset to have on the job. She absolutely loves sex and especially enjoys it when horny doctors finger and fuck her in all kinds of positions. She knows that doctors comes under lots of stress while working in busy hospitals. In order to maintain control these doctors are always looking for a quick ways to release stress. Some of them just get their kicks from fingering Ryo’s hot Japanese nurse pussy. Other doctors might want to fuck her tits or to get a blowjob from her. The  real men out there just whip out their dicks and try to ruin her tight little pussy without even saying hello. They just fuck her right on the closest hospital bed available and fill her tiny gash with hot spunk. There is no guy that has ever been turned down by Ryo Hazuki, so all you need to do is work up the nerve to ask her for a little dirty sex in the workplace. I’m not sure if the rumors are true, does this hot Japanese nurse like to lick ass while she’s sucking cock? It sounds too good to be true, but I hope that she really does eat ass every once in awhile. Nothing can give a doctor a bigger thrill then when he receives a rimjob just before going into surgery. If you’ve been looking for a hot Japanese nurse to take care of you, look no further then Ryo Hazuki. Watch these dirty nurse sex videos and you’ll see the only resume she needs to turn in order to hired as my caretaker.

Examining Cute Japanese Nurse Pussy

Cute Japanese Nurse
See A Cute Japanese Nurse Get A Pussy Examination Here

You might remember Emiri Aoi as a cute Japanese nurse we’ve featured a few posts back. In that update we watched as she enjoyed having a little sex in the hospital. Today however, we’re going to follow her on a brand new adventure in the workplace. Emiri has shown up to work wearing sexy pink lingerie underneath her white nurses uniform. Why Pink? It just so happens that Pink is the favorite color of hospital gynecologist Dr. Hiro. The nurse is a very sexually open girl and she likes to get weekly checkup’s from Dr. Hiro. The doctor is well aware that this cute Japanese nurse has been having fun with some of her patients. She’s a little too dirty for his tastes, so he’s not interested in having sex with her all. He does enjoy acting out his favorite fantasies with her though. He’s always daydreamed about giving perverted gynecological exams to all the hot young girls that visit him. Instead of this nurse masturbating at work, she can lets the horny doctor act out his creepy fantasies on her. Emiri Aoi quickly strips out of her white nurses uniform and down the her sexy pink lingerie. She jumps onto of a hospital bed then allows Dr. Hiro to start groping her body anyway that he wants. The doctor takes his sweet time with her, making sure he caresses every in of this gorgeous nurse’s body. Now it’s time to exam her dirty little pussy. the doctor is licking her nipples as he pulls her little pink panties to the side. The nurse gets goosebumps when he exposes her moist pussy lips to the fresh air. Now in what can only be described as a completely unprofessional gynecology exam, Dr. Hiro finger fucks his patients vagina until it turns into a wet sloppy mess! You wont believe what you’ll see in these naughty Japanese nurse movies from Tokyo. Emiri Aoi will never have to masturbate at work again, she can just visit Dr. Hiro and get one of his famous gynecology exams!

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