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December 2010

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Hot Japanese Nurses In Group Blowjob

Two Japanese Nurses
See Two Hot Japanese Nurses In These Group Blowjob Videos

In our last post we read about nurse Emiri Aoi as how she got carried away masturbating during her lunch break. She was panting and moaning extremely loud while she climaxed in an empty exam room. She was totally unaware that she had screamed while having her orgasm and the shrieks have alerted a fellow nurse Yuki Mana walks into an embarrassing situation she has just caught her friend masturbating at work! Emiri is clearly shaken up about things and stars to cry. Yuki tries her best to offer some kind of comfort with a friendly shoulder rub. Neither of them were expecting that when Yuki’s hand touched Emiri’s naked body that sparks would fly between the both of them. Pretty soon these two hot Japanese nurses find themselves in a sexual embrace and they start fingering each others wet pussies. Now Yuki and Emiri are starting to get too loud themselves and guess what happens next? The moans of lesbian pleasure echo in halls and draw 2 hospitals janitors towards the room! Now these 2 naughty nurses are in for a real tasty treat, these horny janitors walk into the room and offer their delicious cocks for girls to snack on! The nurses think for a minute and then say “the hell with it!” They let the 2 janitors join in on this unprofessional workplace romp. They also figured it would help decrease the chances of being discovered a third time. Nobody in the hallways will be able to hear these nurses moan if they’ve got thick dicks filling up their mouths. So to wrap things up one girl getting caught masturbating snowballs out of control until 4 people are involved in a group blowjob at work. I hope you enjoyed these uncensored nurse porn videos and there is more coming soon!

Hot Japanese Nurse Masturbating

Hot Japanese Nurse
This Hot Japanese Nurse Loves Masturbating At Work

Nobody at this Tokyo hospital is aware that nurse Emiri Aoi is such a horny little girl. She’s been way to shy to approach any of the staff or patients when it comes to fulfilling her kinky desires. In order for her to get a little sexual relief in the workplace she’s secretly been masturbating on all of her breaks. Now we get to watch as this hot Japanese nurse rubs and fingers her pussy when she masturbates alone. It’s one of the most erotic solo scenes I’ve ever seen. Emiri Aoi writhes around as she squeeze on her perky little titties while pleasuring herself with a vibrator. She’s aware that there’s0 only 5 minutes left on her break but she hasn’t had an orgasm yet. Now she really picks up the pace as she massages her pussy with the pink vibrating sex toy. Suddenly an extremely warm feeling sweeps over her quivering body and she instantly elevated to a whole new level of sexual bliss. The naughty nurse begins to moan as her glistening pussy juice starts to drip on the desk she’s sitting on. The more carried away she gets with masturbating the louder her moans also become. This hot Japanese nurse gets so lost in the intense sexual pleasure that she is giving herself, she never realizes that her break ends in less then a minute. The hospital employees all shuffle through the halls, trying to get back to their jobs as fast as they can. Emiri Aoi is still furiously masturbating in the empty room she’s hiding in. Now her throbbing pussy is starting to gush and her moans get so loud that another nurse starts to hear them. All of sudden Emiri lets out a massive scream as she has a massive orgasm. The other nurse overhearing this is so alerted by the sudden shriek that she runs toward the room, what will happen next?

Hot Japanese Nurse Getting Fucked

Hot Japanese Nurse
The Doctor Really Enjoys This Japanese Nurse’s Hot Little Pussy

Emiri Aoi is a name you guys should get use to, this hot Japanese nurse will make many appearances here on our blog. This horny girl can’t keep herself from having tons of casual sex in the workplace. There are some nights when she can’t find a man, then she just finger fucks her own pussy while daydreaming about huge cocks. Luckily for this naughty night nurse there is no shortage of men in the hospital tonight. It’s just a matter of selecting which one she’d like to fuck. She’s already slept with every doctor here and all of them know how great she is at sucking cock. They also know how amazing it feels when their cocks slide into her tight wet pussy. A lot of the doctors try to swoon Emiri, but she’s not for romance tonight, she just wants a quickie. She ends up picking the most arrogant doctor on staff and tells him to follow her to a secret location. She leads him to an empty room and immediately begins removing her sexy white nurse uniform. The nurse tells the doctor that she doesn’t have a lot of  spare time and that he better fuck her little pussy fast! This isn’t the first time he’s dipped his throbbing meat stick inside of this hot Japanese nurse’s tuna burger. The doctor doesn’t waste one second as he drops his pants and plows his dick straight into Emiri’s warm pussy lips. She has been a horny girl all night long and her wet cunt has stained her white panties. The doctors big dick glides inside of her hole with ease but it still grips his penis tightly. The two of them fuck as fasts as they can and once they’ve both had their orgasms they part ways without even saying goodbye. If you visit this Tokyo hospital during the night shift you might find yourself staring in kinky Japanese nurse movies likes this someday!

Examining Cute Japanese Nurse Pussy

Cute Japanese Nurse
See A Cute Japanese Nurse Get A Pussy Examination Here

You might remember Emiri Aoi as a cute Japanese nurse we’ve featured a few posts back. In that update we watched as she enjoyed having a little sex in the hospital. Today however, we’re going to follow her on a brand new adventure in the workplace. Emiri has shown up to work wearing sexy pink lingerie underneath her white nurses uniform. Why Pink? It just so happens that Pink is the favorite color of hospital gynecologist Dr. Hiro. The nurse is a very sexually open girl and she likes to get weekly checkup’s from Dr. Hiro. The doctor is well aware that this cute Japanese nurse has been having fun with some of her patients. She’s a little too dirty for his tastes, so he’s not interested in having sex with her all. He does enjoy acting out his favorite fantasies with her though. He’s always daydreamed about giving perverted gynecological exams to all the hot young girls that visit him. Instead of this nurse masturbating at work, she can lets the horny doctor act out his creepy fantasies on her. Emiri Aoi quickly strips out of her white nurses uniform and down the her sexy pink lingerie. She jumps onto of a hospital bed then allows Dr. Hiro to start groping her body anyway that he wants. The doctor takes his sweet time with her, making sure he caresses every in of this gorgeous nurse’s body. Now it’s time to exam her dirty little pussy. the doctor is licking her nipples as he pulls her little pink panties to the side. The nurse gets goosebumps when he exposes her moist pussy lips to the fresh air. Now in what can only be described as a completely unprofessional gynecology exam, Dr. Hiro finger fucks his patients vagina until it turns into a wet sloppy mess! You wont believe what you’ll see in these naughty Japanese nurse movies from Tokyo. Emiri Aoi will never have to masturbate at work again, she can just visit Dr. Hiro and get one of his famous gynecology exams!

Uncensored Japanese Nurse Sex Videos

Nurse Sex Videos
These Are Some Naughty Japanese Nurse Sex Videos

Emiri Aoi is a hot Japanese nurse that’s been having a lot of sex at work lately! She has a bad habit of teasing her hairy little pussy with her fingers all day long. Nurse Emiri has also made friends with a couple well hung men she’s met working in this hospital. You guys are in for a treat if you watch these naughty nurse sex videos from Japan. It has always been a fantasy of mine to meet a hot Japanese nurse that loves being fucked by her patients. I’d get to slide my big dick deep inside of her dripping wet pussy. The nurse would start to scream out loud as she climaxed from feeling my deep penetration. It was great for me when I saw Emiri Aoi act out this fantasy of mine. This hot Japanese nurse in a white uniform is fantastic at sucking cock! It’s probably hard not blowing a load in her mouth before getting a chance to fuck her dripping wet pussy. Watching these uncensored Japanese nurse sex videos will undoubtedly make you a huge fan of Emiri Aoi. We will also be featuring more of this gorgeous JAV Idol on our blog soon. She has been well known for playing the naughty night nurse role in Japanese porn videos. I hope you’ve enjoyed these uncensored videos from Please check back soon there are more nurse porn updates on the way!

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