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January 2011

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Cute Japanese Nurses Giving A Handjob

Nurse Handjob Videos
Watch These Cute Japanese Nurses Collect Cum At The Sperm Bank

Everyone knows Izumi Mori and Miyuki Kaga as the two cute Japanese nurses the work at a Tokyo sperm bank. They’re both great employees and are always willing to go the extra mile to get fresh sperm samples from all their patients. The two of them have been working together for several years and gathered enough experience to give the best handjob in Japan. Anybody who enjoys Nurse cosplay will certainly be pleased watching these two Japanese beauties jerking on mans cock. They’re both eagerly anticipating the huge load of cum they’re about to collect in the glass cup their holding. Watch these horny nurses do what they do best as they tug on man meat until they collect a jar full of creamy ejaculation. They even make sure to pay guy for his sperm sample before he leaves, now that sounds like a good deal to me! I really need to find out where this Japanese sperm bank is located, I’d happily let their hot nurses extract my semen all day long.

Cute Japanese Nurse Sucking Dick

Asian Nurse Porn
Click here to See This Cute Nurse Sucking Dick In A Japanese Hospital

This cosplay blowjob scene stars Yui Hanasaku playing the role of a cute Japanese nurse who enjoys sucking off the lucky doctors she works with. One by one she secretly meets with them in empty rooms while she’s making her nightly rounds. Nobody knows why this beautiful woman loves giving them head so much, but why should they over think such generosity? She’s well aware that these doctors save lives everyday and are probably over stressed. The best way she knows how to show her appreciation is by sucking on their dicks and to ease their stress. Yui Hanasaku isn’t only a cute nurse she’s also very smart. She knows by sucking their cocks these doctors will feel less tension while performing emergency surgeries and wont hesitate while making critical decisions. Knowing that she can save lives just by sucking dick she generously gives out blowjobs all day long. She’s even learned how to deep throat a cock until the balls are resting on firm on her chin. Nothing is more relaxing to a doctor then receiving a deep Japanese nurse blowjob at work. Being able to shove your dick all the way down a sexy girls mouth is a heavenly experience. This cute nurse is gaining quite the reputation for giving the most excellent blowjobs over any other female member of the hospitals staff. The spirit of competition soon fills the air and this Tokyo hospital is about the experience a whole wave of horny young nurses trying to dethrone the new blowjob queen.

Hot Japanese Nurse Blowjob Videos

Hot Japanese Nurse
This Busty Japanese Nurse Gives One Of The Best Blowjobs Here

Riko Tachibana definitely lives up to my ideal image of how a hot Japanese nurse should act while on the job. This kinky tramp is always bending over to pick up things she’s “accidentally” drop. She’s no fool, she’s targeting all the cute doctors, allowing them to look at her sexy fishnet pantyhose before she skillfully gives them a flash of her clean white panties. This is her nonchalant way of flirting and gives them the single that she’s hungry for some hot cum. Receiving head from a mega babe like Riko Tachibana makes going to work worth it, no matter how shitty your job may be. Today she’s prowling the hospital halls and is very eager to show off the matching white lingerie set she’s wearing. She finally baits one of the young doctors in and he agree’s to meet up with her in an empty exam room. Riko loves getting her time to dance around in little white lingerie and rewards the horny with a couple flashes of her bouncy breasts and hairy pussy. Now this naughty nurse starts to give this lucky guy one the best blowjobs ever. Right before this guy is about to cum she stops sucking and slaps his dick off of her huge titties and then goes back into a blowjob! Watch these cosplay porn videos and see how long it takes until this doctor blows his load in Riko Tachibana’s mouth. This hot Japanese nurse has shown how much she loves sucking cock and spitting up cum all over her tits was a nice addition. This dirty doctor has just found a blowjob call girl, and the best part about it is they work together. He’s going to enjoy many more sessions of great head from this beautiful nurse.

Doctors Enjoy Having Japanese Nurse Sex

Japanese Nurse Sex
Watch As Naughty Nurse Yui Hanasaku Has Kinky Sex At Work

It’s not everyday that Yui Hanasaku comes in to work with pink lingerie on underneath her nurses uniform. She only wears her all pink outfit when she’s feeling sexy and looking for hunk of man meat. All the doctors ans even a few ambulance drivers at the hospital know when Yui’s wearing pink somebody is guaranteed to get lucky with her.  She’s a nympho at heart and despite trying to be a professional she just cant keep herself from enjoying a little naught Japanese nurse sex at work every once in a while. The doctors and staff neglect their duties so they can prowl the halls hoping to cross paths with this horny nurse. They follow her around all night flirting with her from afar and throwing a couple pickup lines her way. Nobody knows what standards she looks for in a man but she’ll eventually pick out one lucky pervert from the flock. This hot Japanese nurse leads her lucky selection to a small backroom office and always begins by sucking their cock. Now he can confirm all the staff  rumors about whether or not she’s really the blowjob expert the night staff claims her to be.  Before you can cum she stops sucking and demands you give her a little oral enjoyment. Getting to lick her delicious pussy doesn’t feel like a chore at all, and nobodies ever complained about having to do it. Even if you don’t like eating hairy pussy it’s still a small price to pay knowing you’ll soon be rewarded with hottest Japanese nurse sex anyone has ever had while on the job. Don’t you dare skip over this cosplay porn starring Yui Hanasaku, I’ll consider you fool and hold it against you until the day I die.

Cute Japanese Nurse Fucked Hard

Cute Japanese Nurse
Watch This Japanese Nurse Get Fucked By The  Hospitals CEO

When we last saw this cute Japanese nurse she was not so willingly giving the hospitals CEO a deepthroat blowjob. Things got pretty rough for Riku Shiina that day and she’s been emotionally scarred ever since. She’s been having frequent nightmares about the day that pervert forced himself on her. She recalls how she was thrown on her knees and he forcefully started jamming his cock deep inside her mouth and all the down her throat. When Riku finally wakes up from her bad dream she finds herself gasping for air and drooling all over herself. Her throat aches and feels like she was just gagging on his cock only moments ago. Unfortunately nurse Riku Shiina is about to experience another traumatizing event with the hospitals CEO tonight and her head will be filled with new nightmares far worse then the last. This time the CEO is drunk with even more power and he’s going to fuck this frightened nurse hard, whether she wants it or not. He calls Riku to his office and without hesitation locks the doors and attacks his victim for a second time. Fear sweeps over the nurses body, tears fill her eyes, and she’s too scared to move. The CEO know’s she’s a broken woman and he can do what he pleases with her. He picks Riku up and tosses her on his private bed, he tears off the nurses pink uniform and begins to finger fuck her hairy Japanese pussy. He’s not done there, punishing his hot frail victim is an art form and he’s got much more in store for her. He forces this frightened beauty into the missionary position and thrusts his fat cock deep inside of her tight little pussy. Great pain begins surging through her quivering body and she being fucked so hard it’s causing her to fade in and out of consciousness. This cute Japanese nurse eventually blacks out and becomes the CEO’s lifeless sex doll until hes finished using her.

Sexy Japanese Nurse Masturbating

Japanese Nurse Masturbating
Watch This Naughty Night Nurse Masturbate With Sex Toys

Miku Hoshino is a popular JAV Idol and this isn’t the first time she’s played the role of a sexy night nurse. In this scene she’s the new girl on the hospital floor and the doctors haven’t really taken notice of her yet. She’s what I’d call a “shy nymphomaniac” and she finds it a little disappointing that nobodies tried to slip her some dick yet. She’s well aware of all the other dirty sex acts that have been taking place in this hospital. For not she’s still a social outcast among the staff and needs to keep waiting until someone invites her into the kinky sex club. When a girls is this shy and afraid to initiate sex with men she needs to take things into her own hands. We soon discover in these masturbation videos that Miku Hoshino has secretly been bringing sex toys in to work to relieve her sexual tension. When she finds herself all alone on a long break she always sneaks off to find an empty room. Once she’s found her privacy she starts to rub her favorite pink vibrator all over her hairy Japanese pussy. Miku knows how to get the poison out of her system and she soon reaches a sexual climax. She begins to scream and her beautiful body quiver as a stream of  juice leaks out of her pussy. This pretty naughty nurse is still trying to fit in at the hospital, but I’m sure she’ll some horny doctor will try fucking her soon. Nobody with ever catch this cute Japanese nurse masturbating once she’s getting fucked just like all the other girls on night shift.

Japanese Nurse Bukkake Facial

Japanese Nurse Bukkake
See This Cum Hungry Slut Star In A Japanese Nurse Bukkake scene

Happy new years my friends! Our blog is going to kick 2011 off with a huge bang, and by bang I’m actually referring to these explosive Japanese nurse bukkake videos! One of Japans sexiest JAV Idols, Arisa Ebihara, puts on her favorite cosplay outfit in these clips. What is she wearing? It’s a white Japanese nurses uniform that just happens to cling to her gorgeous body in all the right places! Now that shes looking sexy as all hell she begins to film this dirty porn scene for our viewing pleasure. She walks into a crowded hospital room and slowly strips naked for all of the patients she’s lovingly been taking caring of. The horny patient pop wood and begin to gather around this naughty nurse as she dances naked in front of them. She’s has always been kind and extremely attentive to their needs, both medically and sexually if you catch my drift. All of a sudden Arisa drops down to her knees and invites the gang of sick and dying patients to shove their dicks in her mouth. She opens her lips and sticks out her tongue, out of nowhere dicks start flying towards her face from every direction. This naked nurse tells everyone to settle down because she promises not to leave the room until everyone gets their fill of hot blowjob action from her. All the patients begin to organize themselves and form a single line. One by one they happily take their turn and feed this Japanese cum slut their warm throbbing dicks. As you can probably guess, all this dick sucking is going to result in an explosion of massive cum shots. After only a few minutes of sucking huge loads begin to splatter across her beautiful face in every direction. This hot cute Japanese nurse is almost unrecognizable after she’s been completely glazed over with hot loads in these messy bukkake movies.

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