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January 2011

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Sexy Japanese Nurse Masturbating

Japanese Nurse Masturbating
Watch This Naughty Night Nurse Masturbate With Sex Toys

Miku Hoshino is a popular JAV Idol and this isn’t the first time she’s played the role of a sexy night nurse. In this scene she’s the new girl on the hospital floor and the doctors haven’t really taken notice of her yet. She’s what I’d call a “shy nymphomaniac” and she finds it a little disappointing that nobodies tried to slip her some dick yet. She’s well aware of all the other dirty sex acts that have been taking place in this hospital. For not she’s still a social outcast among the staff and needs to keep waiting until someone invites her into the kinky sex club. When a girls is this shy and afraid to initiate sex with men she needs to take things into her own hands. We soon discover in these masturbation videos that Miku Hoshino has secretly been bringing sex toys in to work to relieve her sexual tension. When she finds herself all alone on a long break she always sneaks off to find an empty room. Once she’s found her privacy she starts to rub her favorite pink vibrator all over her hairy Japanese pussy. Miku knows how to get the poison out of her system and she soon reaches a sexual climax. She begins to scream and her beautiful body quiver as a stream of  juice leaks out of her pussy. This pretty naughty nurse is still trying to fit in at the hospital, but I’m sure she’ll some horny doctor will try fucking her soon. Nobody with ever catch this cute Japanese nurse masturbating once she’s getting fucked just like all the other girls on night shift.

Sex With A Cute Japanese Nurse

Cute Japanese Nurse In Porn
These Uncensored Nurse Sex Videos Star JAV Idol Erena Fujimori

When we last saw this cute Japanese nurse, Erena Fujimori was giving one of her favorite doctors some well deserved head. When she walked away after giving him a blowjob she started to feel like he deserved more. After a night a restless sleep this nurse came into work determined to give this hard working doctor what he really deserves, steamy hot sex! He’s saved a lot of lives lately, and getting to ram her tight little pussy until he fills it with cum seems the perfect reward. Erena even shaved her twat for these cosplay sex clips, leaving only a little landing strip of hair. The horny doctor can’t turn down this nurses sexual advances and takes her into an empty exam room. He removes her white nurse uniform and bends her over a hospital bed, he spits on the tip of his dick and enters her doggy style.  This skinny Japanese girls pussy wraps around bulbous cock and squeezes it hard. She so warm and moist that she begins to drip juices that only aid as lubrication for the pulsating dick inside of her. He fucks her better then she ever imagined, she has a orgasm that brings her to tears before he even gets the chance to come. They take a little break before this nurse take control and begin to ride the doctors cock in reverse cowgirl position until he finally blows his load inside of her quivering vagina. The doctor pulls up his pants and leaves the room, he’s needed for surgery soon. This beautiful little nurse lays on the bed alone, gasping for air, and reflection on how she’s just been fucked so hard she screamed. You can find more top quality and fully uncensored Japanese nurse videos like this on JP Nurse. Enjoy these clips and check back soon for more cosplay updates!

Hot Japanese Nurse Cosplay Blowjob

Hot Japanese Nurse
This Beautiful Cosplay Nurse Gives Awesome Blowjobs

Erena Fujimori is a hot Japanese nurse that knows exactly what to do if she spots an over stessed doctor in the halls. She gives him a kiss and promises him a blowjob if he meets her in a private room later in the day. The doctors almost always agree to this arrangement because she’s the hottest nurse on staff. They constantly try seeking sexual relief from anyway, so why turn down this offer to feel her moist lips glide up and down their cocks?  As the minutes slowly tick away the doctor remembers how skilled this nurse was at sucking his cock last time. Overwhelmed with anticipation the horny Doctor pops a boner during surgery just thinking about whats in store for him. The countdown reaches zero and now it’s time for them to rendezvous in their secret location. The doctors cock springs to life when this hot Japanese nurse unbuttons her uniform and lets her big natural tits fall out. The horny doctor pulls his dick out and the nurse reaches out grabbing a hold of it. Squeezing his dick tight, she drops down to her knees and sticks it in her mouth. Now she starts slobbering all over the doctors chubby little cock and gets it well lubricated. She bobs her head back and forth all the while wiggling her tongue in circles. The doctor can’t believe it, every sloppy blowjob this nurse gives is better then the last. She lays him on his back and mounts him in the 69 position, making sure her pussy sits directly on his face. It appears as though Erena Fujimori wants the doctor to eat her pussy while she sucks on his cock. The doctor doesn’t hesitate, he dives right in and starts to lick her hairy pussy until it leaks all over his face. I think you’re going to enjoy the action in these Japanese nurse blowjob videos. Lets all applaud Erena for being she’s such a wonderful employee. She’s always giving the staff sexual favors and keeping the hospitals atmosphere friendly and relaxed.

A Sexy Japanese Nurse Blowjob Video

Japanese Nurse Blowjob
These Japanese Nurse Blowjob Videos Are Fantastic

WOW! Ryo Hazuki is a real freak, she actually likes to give her patients slippery tongue bath instead of standard sponge baths. That’s right, this hot Japanese nurse takes perversion to a new level! You’d never suspect a hospital it the place to find a girl to lick your balls and asshole, but your wrong! Ryo loves to  tongue her patients assholes and she not going to stop after the rimjob. She was just loosening you up for the best Japanese nurse blowjob of your life!  After you have been laying in a hospital bed all day long your dick starts getting sweaty and your asshole stinks, that’s when Ryo Hazuki pays you a visit. She’s come to freshen you up and she’s going to clean your dirty body with her tongue! You don’t need to feel embarrassed if your ass reeks, Ryo will lick your your dirty asshole clean with a smile on her face. You know this girl has to be one sick slut if she’d rather suck on dirty cocks instead of giving guys their daily  sponge bath. These Japanese nurse blowjob videos have been shot from the POV perspective. It’s feels like you’re watching Ryo as she licks your filthy balls and sucks on your dirty cock! The horny patients don’t care if this nurse is a dirty slut, they can’t get any diseases from sloppy blowjobs after all. Don’t pass up your chance to watch these uncensored scenes provided by our friends a JP Nurse, they’ve shared  some of the best Japanese nurse porn I’ve ever seen today. They also feature all the other ass licking angels and blowjob goddesses that also work in this Tokyo hospital.

Hot Japanese Nurses In Group Blowjob

Two Japanese Nurses
See Two Hot Japanese Nurses In These Group Blowjob Videos

In our last post we read about nurse Emiri Aoi as how she got carried away masturbating during her lunch break. She was panting and moaning extremely loud while she climaxed in an empty exam room. She was totally unaware that she had screamed while having her orgasm and the shrieks have alerted a fellow nurse Yuki Mana walks into an embarrassing situation she has just caught her friend masturbating at work! Emiri is clearly shaken up about things and stars to cry. Yuki tries her best to offer some kind of comfort with a friendly shoulder rub. Neither of them were expecting that when Yuki’s hand touched Emiri’s naked body that sparks would fly between the both of them. Pretty soon these two hot Japanese nurses find themselves in a sexual embrace and they start fingering each others wet pussies. Now Yuki and Emiri are starting to get too loud themselves and guess what happens next? The moans of lesbian pleasure echo in halls and draw 2 hospitals janitors towards the room! Now these 2 naughty nurses are in for a real tasty treat, these horny janitors walk into the room and offer their delicious cocks for girls to snack on! The nurses think for a minute and then say “the hell with it!” They let the 2 janitors join in on this unprofessional workplace romp. They also figured it would help decrease the chances of being discovered a third time. Nobody in the hallways will be able to hear these nurses moan if they’ve got thick dicks filling up their mouths. So to wrap things up one girl getting caught masturbating snowballs out of control until 4 people are involved in a group blowjob at work. I hope you enjoyed these uncensored nurse porn videos and there is more coming soon!

Hot Japanese Nurse Masturbating

Hot Japanese Nurse
This Hot Japanese Nurse Loves Masturbating At Work

Nobody at this Tokyo hospital is aware that nurse Emiri Aoi is such a horny little girl. She’s been way to shy to approach any of the staff or patients when it comes to fulfilling her kinky desires. In order for her to get a little sexual relief in the workplace she’s secretly been masturbating on all of her breaks. Now we get to watch as this hot Japanese nurse rubs and fingers her pussy when she masturbates alone. It’s one of the most erotic solo scenes I’ve ever seen. Emiri Aoi writhes around as she squeeze on her perky little titties while pleasuring herself with a vibrator. She’s aware that there’s0 only 5 minutes left on her break but she hasn’t had an orgasm yet. Now she really picks up the pace as she massages her pussy with the pink vibrating sex toy. Suddenly an extremely warm feeling sweeps over her quivering body and she instantly elevated to a whole new level of sexual bliss. The naughty nurse begins to moan as her glistening pussy juice starts to drip on the desk she’s sitting on. The more carried away she gets with masturbating the louder her moans also become. This hot Japanese nurse gets so lost in the intense sexual pleasure that she is giving herself, she never realizes that her break ends in less then a minute. The hospital employees all shuffle through the halls, trying to get back to their jobs as fast as they can. Emiri Aoi is still furiously masturbating in the empty room she’s hiding in. Now her throbbing pussy is starting to gush and her moans get so loud that another nurse starts to hear them. All of sudden Emiri lets out a massive scream as she has a massive orgasm. The other nurse overhearing this is so alerted by the sudden shriek that she runs toward the room, what will happen next?

Young Japanese Nurse Collecting Cum

Young Japanese Nurse
Watch A Young Japanese Nurse Collect Sperm Sample

Check out this beautiful and young Japanese nurse! Her name is Rika Nagasawa and she’s only 19yrs old. Despite of her age, this Tokyo teenager has landed her dream job in the nursing and healthcare field. She works very hard, every day down at the local sperm bank. Rika loves her profession and she takes the task of collecting sperm samples very seriously. Whenever a guy is unable to cum on his own, this young Japanese nurse will gladly assists him with a sexy blowjob. She always starts out slow and sensual, but soon she’s sucking and jerking her patients cock furiously. It’s not long after she falls into rhythm that a huge splash of cum erupts inside of her mouth. She simply spits the cum into a cup and there you have it, she’s successfully collected a sample for the sperm bank. She has taken notice that it’s harder to make some patients cum compared to others, but she’s never faced a challenge like today’s. This cute young nurse has been ask to use her skills and help collect a sperm sample from an older patient. Unfortunately this guy has got some type of erectile dysfunction. he can’t seem to cum no matter how much he jerks himself off. Rika Nagasawa unbuttons her white nurse uniform and lets her perky teenage tits bounce out. She grabs a hold of the patients warm cock and drops down on her knees with a smile on her face. She shoves the man back against a hospital bed and starts to suck on his dick with youthful energy and passion. She soon realizes that even she can’t seem to make this guy cum, his ED most be extreme! She sucks and jerks on his dick as fast and hard as she can, still nothing! Then this naughty nurse decides to try out a secret sperm extracting technique. She lays her patient flat on his back and positions herself over top of  his cock. She slowly sits down and inserts his stubborn cock inside of her tight young pussy. Why don’t you watch these Japanese nurse movies and find out if she ever manages to collect this mans cum sample?

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